Welcome to the Cuddle Cafe!

Mateus Shiro Ward 4 Plot 14
Open Fridays 4PM-7PM EST

The cuddle cafe is a place of relaxation and happiness! May it be in meeting new people or getting that snuggle bug on, this is the place for you!
We offer platonic cuddle services as well as a wholesome cafe experience.
May you be Miqo'te, Roegadyn or Lalafel we all deserve some love! We have staff to suit your cuddling needs and someone to just chat to to let off some of the weeks steam!


Grandma Strudel
"Grandma is here to fill not only your belly, but also your heart too dearie!"

Kaname Haruki
"Obsessed with sweet things, Just like your smile!"

Luna'li Shyama
"Smol, soft, gentle. This tender lunar kitten always has his heart open to care for you and cuddle you.”

Luscini'a Wren
"Snuggly smol boi just wants to take you under my wing."

Raven Daedalus
"I will find you and i will hug you!"

Luca Ademaro
"A cuddle bug, he'll keep you company and make sure you're warm. Ear wiggles included."

R'zinba Tia
“I love to make people laugh and live for pats and scritches”

Kogath Buduga
"I may be rough on the exterior but I am fluffy where it counts."

Luna Ellewen
"I-I'll do my best to make you feel as loved and comfy a-as possible!"

Tila Kusina
"Able to fit in your lap, as well as your heart!"

Cafe Staff

Noctis Auberon
"Not really one to cuddle with others, but I'll make sure you have everything you need. You only need to ask."

Akil Phoebus
"What's life without a bit of fun~?"

Mazikeen Moon
"Always there with big smile and even bigger heart"


Owner/Manager/Cuddle Staff Care Rates:
45k gil per 30 minutes / 90k gil per hour.

Grandma’s Care Rates:
70k gil per 30 minutes / 140k gil per hour.

VIP Care Rates
300K a Month
♥15% off all regular services

Access to special Menu items
♥ Up to 2 hours of free cuddles from a staff member of your choice
♥ Exclusive Grandma Snacks
♥ Gpose shots with cafes photographer

We offer VIP Cuddle rooms for booked cuddles!
Limited rooms available, book now! Speak to the owner or managers!

The Cuddle Cafe opens Friday the 1st! 4pm-7pm EST
Come get some treats and meet new friends!

Glasses Game - Grandma lost her glasses! Help her find them for a special prize.

Story Time - 5:30 EST Listen to Grandma's collection of stories. If you sit at her story corner, you will even get a treat.